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Wait. was awarded as a finalist in the Lift-Off First Time Filmmakers Award Festival 

in the United Kingdom. As well, it was showcased in Ryerson University's student

showcase titled Maximum Exposure. 



When a mother leaves her son in the car; he experiences the

seemingly endless and anxious toll of waiting for her return. 


Mother and child park their car in a laneway one Sunday afternoon. Intending to only be a moment or so,

the Mother leaves her son in the car while she runs an errand. The boy struggles with his fear of city sounds,

and whether his Mother will truly return. Fighting for bravery but troubled with anxiety, the boy is forced to

deal with his emotions alone. 

As apart of my first year film production class at Ryerson University, I developed this

short film from paper to screen. Wait was shot on a 16mm Bolex camera with black and white film. 

It was then digitally scanned in order to be edited with complete precision. 

All sounds within the film were created through a foley process, where they were added in during the

post production stage.

As a child, our perception of time is vastly elongated. The large majority of people can resonate

with feeling like time is standing still while waiting for a moment to present itself; however this feeling

is heightened in one's youth through naive innocence. Wait should provide a visual and auditory

display of this human state, in a close and intimate experience where the audience feels as though

they too are apart of the story, longing for his mother's return. 

Wait. explores the relationship between time and waiting. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.45.36
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