The Cellist.

Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Producer: Nikki Ross
Sound Assistants: Rupert Davies and Paul Aguilera 
Music Performed: Emma Fisher
Sound FX/Foley: Nikki Ross and WestStar Music. 

Special thanks to: 
Emma Fisher
The Royal Conservatory of Music
The Glenn Gould School
Vistek Toronto. 

The Cellist is a short intimate documentary telling the story of 21-year-old Toronto born Cellist, Emma Fisher. Emma is a student at Toronto's acclaimed Glenn Gould School apart of the world famous Royal Conservatory of Music. Her passion and dedication have lead her to be a top tier musician in Toronto; however; not everything in life is as simple as it may seem. Emma has faced extremely difficult challenges along the way that have even lead her to nearly quitting the cello, her life's purpose, completely. 

Emma is an incredible musician and a hard working individual and has been an admirable inspiration for years. After speaking on the phone with Emma recently about this project, I discovered that not everything is as wonderful as it may seem on the surface. Back in 2017 she had almost quit the cello all together after a performance that she prepared diligently for what did not go to plan.  After hearing her describe the emotional toll of this experience, I knew there was a story to be told and that every musician, artist and creative, would be able to resonate with what she was describing. 

The minute I hung up the phone, I embarked on a severe pre-production process of precisely one week in length. I planned out every second of the documentary in shot-lists and storyboards in order to work as efficiently as possible around Emma's busy recital schedule. I rented the appropriate equipment, sourced inspiration and had an entire notebook full of ideas. The allotted shoot time took place within two four hour set days, and the post-production edit took three full days. With a quick turn around, I was able to push myself harder than I ever have before and produce a heart-warming and genuinely magnificent story about an ever talented young Canadian musician.

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