Everybody Loves Peanut Butter

A film created in my first year at UBC's film and theatre school. This is a short advertisement project, featuring my adorable little cousin. 

I am not paid by or affiliated with the brand Kraft.


Honestly, who doesn’t love peanut butter? With the exception of those with allergies...but even those guys would love it too. My first real admiration of peanut butter started from a very young age, so using a young actor was mandatory for me. It was helpful that my 2-year-old cousin was just as enthusiastic as I am about the nutty spread.


I wanted the piece to be a feel-good advertisement that followed an ethos, pathos and logos approach. Peanut butter is enjoyed universally between a variety of age demographics, especially children due to its easy high levels of protein. Therefore using a child in the film would be a credible source of honesty within an Ethos approach. The young boy plays an important role in communicating a relatable and likable character to the audience.


As the young boy displays emotions of happiness and love toward the product, this is an example of the Pathos approach because we feel a sense of joy and humor to his actions, ie: kissing the jar, laughing, his messy face. Lastly, the text at the end of the film helps serve as an example of a Logos approach, as it states “he sure loves it, and so will you”. This is a factual statement due to the obviousness of its portrayal - the young boy stating verbally and displaying visually how much enjoys the product. The combinations of these elements help persuade the viewer to take action and purchase the advertised product.


In the production stage of this advertisement, it served to be quite difficult working with young children. After we had been filming and talking about peanut butter for over an hour, he understandably became quite restless. However, I was very glad to have his mother on set - I learned that not all actors can be easy to work with, but with the help of someone they trust it can be extremely manageable and successful.




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